Green Justice Philly Cheers Demise of Fossil Fuel Hub

Governor’s Visit to Philly a Chance to Stake Out Clean Energy Future

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Grassroots activists used Governor Tom Wolf’s visit to a local union hall to celebrate the coalition effort led by social justice, labor, and environmental that defeated plans for building oil and gas facilities at the publicly-owned Southport land in South Philadelphia.  

The Green Justice Philly coalition spent months building public opposition to adding additional fossil fuel infrastructure at the port. In late November, the governor’s office announced that it would support a plan to develop additional shipping capacity at Southport, defeating a dirty energy expansion.

“The Wolf administration’s new plan for the Philadelphia port, followed by the resignation of Philadelphia Energy Solutions CEO Phil Rinaldi, shows that organizing by community groups in South Philadelphia is having an impact,” said Sam Rubin, Philadelphia Organizer for Food & Water Watch.

“I am deeply proud of the work I and other community members did to protect the health and safety of my community. Blocking the refinery represents so much. It represents the power that communities can generate when we work together. And it also shows that my community cares about what happens here. The perfect ending to all of this would be to eventually see our communities powered by renewable, sustainable energy and have the people in the community run it,” said Sheree Arnold, a community member from Southwest Philadelphia and member of One Pennsylvania.