What is Green Justice Philly?

Green Justice Philly is a diverse and growing coalition committed to building a healthy, sustainable and economically just Philadelphia region.

We work together to oppose the dirty fossil fuel industry that puts our neighborhoods at risk and makes our citizens sick, and cannot contribute to our long-term prosperity.

We are fighting for Philadelphia to grow a sustainable economic future.

The Green Justice Philly Coalition calls on the next Mayor’s administration to develop the next generation of the Greenworks plan that looks at the new green economy in Philadelphia to transition us off of fossil fuels and into a stable, expandingn economy that :

  • Creates a growing number of sustainable, living-wage green jobs for the 21st century;
  • Provides a just transition for workers fromin fossil fuel related industries;
  • Expands and increases safety and accessibility of mass transit for all populations;
  • Invests in community-owned renewable energy;
  • Encourages widespread, community-based urban agriculture on a large scale, with special attention to food-insecure neighborhoods and to repurposing abandoned and tax-delinquent properties;
  • Supports clean air and water and healthy communities;
  • Weatherizes and retrofits all of Philadelphia’s buildings so that they meet the highest of energy efficiency standards;
  • Addresses the climate crisis and our economic crisis by making an economy that works for all Philadelphians through a viable job growth program, particularly those who have been excluded from our current corporate-run economy, and
  • Decreases carbon and methane emissions, and the toxic air and water pollution in Philly.

We are fighting against the expansion of Philadelphia Energy Solutions and their plan to bring more dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure development  to the region.


Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) owns and operates the South Philadelphia refinery.  PES has consistently broken environmental laws designed to protect our air, water and public health; PES emits 72% of the city’s toxic air emissions. This corporation emits 72% of the city’s toxic air pollution that makes our communities sick.  PES has consistently broken the law, disregarding regulations designed to protect our air, water and public health, and has built its business model around simply paying minimal fines for these violations as part of the cost of business.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions CEO Phil Rinaldi is pushing forward a plan that willfor more petrochemical processing, producing even more asthma-causing pollution,bring in even, for more of the dangerous oil trains through our neighborhoods,  for new natural gas and oil pipelines to cut through our city and explosive Liquefied Natural Gas facilities and shipping, producing even more asthma-causing pollution. The plan also calls for natural gas and oil pipelines to cut through our city, and for explosive Liquefied Natural Gas facilities. Expanding fossil fuel processing will move Philadelphia backwards.

Any corporation that has shown blatant disregard for communities’ health and safety should not be allowed to expand their harmful operations. That is why we are calling for City Council to pass a law blocking corporate actors with a history of violations from getting new permits.

Dangerous Oil Trains, a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Two to three mile-long oil trains course through Philadelphia’s neighborhoods every day carrying highly volatile crude oil to the Delaware River port’s oil refineries.  The major buyer is Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) — the largest single customer of Bakken crude in the nation, operating the largest crude by rail yard in the United States and the largest refinery complex on the Eastern Seaboard.  

The substandard tank cars that each carry up to 3.6 million gallons of crude are prone to puncture when derailed if traveling over 8 mph.  Federal agencies say Bakken crude oil has unusually high gas content, low flash point, a low boiling point and high vapor pressure, risking explosion on impact and fire that is difficult or impossible to extinguish—which is why people call them “bomb trains”.  Yet these trains roll through our neighborhoods and up against our water supplies as if their cargo was benign.  Why? Because PES and the carriers such as CSX are making the decisions that result in this dirty and dangerous activity to serve their bottom line with no consideration of the public’s safety.  

Philadelphia’s Emergency Management Agency hasn’t even shared emergency response plans with those who live and work along the tracks even though hundreds of thousands of people would be impacted, risking death, and despite the billions in damages that would occur should a catastrophic oil train derailment occur here.  This is intolerable and unjust and the Oil Train Campaign is working with local communities and organizations to insist the public and environmental protection be made the priority, not big oil companies.

Get involved in the campaign!

You can learn more and get involved by signing up at Greenjusticephilly.org

Or, you can text PHILLY to 69866