Currently Green Justice Philly has three campaigns we are working on


“No New Permits for Law Breakers

This is a sane and sensible demand of the city’s Air Management Services that the city not grant any expansion permits to polluters in the city, especially ones in “High Priority Violation” for over 3 years now like the PES company and refinery in south Philadelphia. AMS is deputized by the EPA to enforce air quality laws in Philadelphia.  Find out more about


Solutions Campaign

The Solutions Campaign is the arm of Green Justice Philly that focuses on practical paths that can be taken to build our city and region into a clean, just and thriving center of commerce, culture and engaged citizenship. We work to identify and promote practical plans for building a thriving and equitable regional economy that promotes full employment and secure, living-wage jobs while protecting the health and safety of our neighborhoods.


Oil Train Education and “Safety”

Oil Trains – Safety Threat, Pollution Source

There is a new safety threat and pollution source on the rise in Philadelphia. Two to three times a day mile-long trains carry dangerous Bakken Shale crude oil through Philadelphia and the volumes are expanding; the crude by rail yard at Philadelphia Energy Solutions can handle four trains every day – each carrying over 100 tank cars and up to 3.6 million gallons of crude oil. The largest freshwater port in the world, the Delaware River has huge shipping capacity and has been used to ship oil for over a century. But until the domestic crude frenzy took hold in recent years, oil refining and traffic were on the way out.