Peoples Energy Solutions is an action committee of, (Name TBD), a large & growing coalition committed to a just and sustainable future for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is home to an abundance of talent, imagination, and proven successes when it comes to sustainability. We know that we have everything we need to be the great city we can be–world class institutions of culture, medicine and higher learning; a diverse and willing workforce; a network of sustainable and ethical businesses ready to grow and invest locally; and countless neighborhood groups, faith communities and civic associations ready to mobilize people to work together for the common good. We believe that now is the time to ramp up investment in our wealth of community-based solutions, rather than corporate deals which cut jobs and put more money in the hands of those who are not invested in the health of our neighborhoods.

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Our mission, vision and goals.

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Contribute your passion and skills to create a sustainable Philadelphia.

Go Renewable
Learn how to go renewable and stop the flow of money to groups who do not have your interests in mind.

Learn about the proposed ‘Energy Hub’ and how it would affect your community.

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  1. Susan Saxe

    On a second and separate subject, once we go live it would be great to make sure we have as many links to as many other (genuinely relevant) sites as possible on our links page. We can prioritize the links that are more relevant or better in our judgement, but the more links, the easier it is for the spiders to find us.

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