Philadelphia will not be a sacrifice zone for corporate profit!

Join us for the launch of our campaign to stop the dirty fossil fuel hub and demand

a just, sustainable, green jobs economy for our region.



Where:  starting outside Municipal services Building/Thomas Paine Plaza ending potentially in the city hall courtyard.

When:  Wednesday, Oct 14 at 1:30 PM

What:  Join Green Justice Philly as we launch our new coalition and make sure Philadelphia’s decision-makers know we want a just and sustainable future for our city! We will rally outside of the Air Quality Control Board meeting, then march across the street to make sure our elected officials in City Hall hear us!

Come be there when Green Justice Philly Officially Kicks off!

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The past decade has seen Philadelphia grow our economy and take steps to protect our environment. We created an Office of Sustainability, and moved forward the Greenworks plan to “make this city the greenest in America.” And the city’s economy is growing: last year, the city added 8,800 jobs, the single largest increase since 1999.
We can grow Philadelphia’s local economies and bring new industries with a focus on sustainability to our city. Philadelphia can have an even brighter future by encouraging these industries.
But there are storm clouds on the horizon. Threatening that bright future are plans to scale up the city’s unhealthy and dangerous fossil fuel industry. Philadelphia’s petrochemical industry, led by a corporation that has built its business model around making our communities sick, is proposing to expand and make our city the “Houston of the Northeast.”
Philadelphia Energy Solutions has consistently broken environmental laws designed to protect our air, water and public health by emitting 72% of the city’s toxic air emissions. They want to bring in even more dangerous oil trains through our city, and put out even more asthma-causing pollution. Expanding fossil fuel processing will set Philadelphia backwards, and away from that bright future.
Green Justice Philly will work to push City decision-makers to grow our local economies, and to protect Philadelphians’ health and safety from even more dangerous refinery activity.
Over the next decade, we want grow existing local economies, and create opportunities for new sustainable industries. And we want to stop Philadelphia Energy Solutions from recklessly expanding their operations, which are mutually exclusive with scaling up these other industries.
We demand that Philly go forward, not backwards. We can turn Philadelphia into the kind of city we all want and our children deserve.