Join Green Justice Philly Coalition

We are a diverse and growing coalition committed to building a healthy, sustainable, and economically just Philadelphia region. We work together to oppose the dirty fossil fuel industry that puts our neighborhoods at risk and makes our citizens sick and cannot contribute to our long term prosperity.

Our goals are to:

  1. Promote a just and sustainable economic and energy future for our region by building upon proven and innovative solutions that can bring good jobs, prosperity, improved health and livable neighborhoods to our city.
  2. Work for the good health of our communities, workers, and environment and fight against the special interests who want to foster and expand existing fossil fuel infrastructure and transport and add petrochemical-based factories that would spew toxic emissions. Our air pollution is already at unacceptable levels, leading to an epidemic of asthma as well as contributing to premature death, cancer and other illnesses that impact everyone in their reach and resulting in Philadelphia’s perpetual failure to comply with EPA clean air standards for ozone and particulates. The sources of this pollution are most often located in poor communities and communities of color.
  3. Promote a democratic and inclusive process, educating, empowering and engaging residents in creating and bringing about their vision for a healthy and green Philadelphia region; bring to light the closed-door, political and financial dealings that are shaping the dirty energy hub campaign of the destructive and outdated fossil fuel industry.
  4. Support education, training and funding for the growth and development of permanent, good-paying, green jobs and business opportunities for a diverse, local workforce, and ensure a just transition for displaced workers.

To become a member of Green Justice Philly, your group must agree to the coalition principles and goals outlined above. Once a member, your organization can decide how you can best contribute to the coalition. For example, you can have an individual represent your organization on a coalition committee. Organizations can also participate in calls to action from the coalition, and participate in tactics such as rallies or other educational and outreach-oriented events.

To become a member of Green Justice Philly find out what it means to be a member group in our Green Justice Philly Principles and Structure. Once a member your organization can decide at what level you want to participate, as outlined in the Membership portion of the Principles and Structure document.
Questions? Please contact Susan Saxe, Outreach Committee Convener at, or text/call 267-809-2065.

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